Partabhaye falsafe [Projections of philosophy]

TitleProjections of philosophy
AuthorArdebili, Mohammad Mehdi
First published2020
Number of pages111

The writings in this book are all philosophical-critical notes that are assembled in a new frame and projected into the middle of the world. This book, therefore, is not really a “book”, it is an assemblage filled with fragments of writing that, although possess an order, do not conceal their fragmentary aspect. This aspect, however, is to a lesser degree caused by the author’s personal choice and more so by our fragmented era, the era of decline and collapse. The author himself writes in its introduction: “That which justifies attachment of explosive materials together is it becoming heavier with the aim of intensifying its destructive power so that even if the hope for its detonation is disillusioned, it can at least serve as a heavy mass that breaks some glass, window, or head.”

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