Ma va Hegel [We and Hegel]

TitleWe and Hegel
Selected & EditedArdebili, Mohammad Mehdi
First published2016
Number of pages312

The purpose of collecting a series of articles and interviews in the present book is not merely to solve or explain the problem of “our relationship with Hegel”, but rather, more than anything else, it is an attempt to create this very “problem” and explore the possibilities of its emergence, or in more technical terms, problematizing it. This problematization, more than anything else, is to feed on the engine of dialectical negation, and as a result, undertaking it is neither adventuring for entertainment nor proceeding in a safe, solid path and method, but rather giving in to a kind of gamble beforehand. Gambling on all of “our” possessions and fear of losing everything in conceptual-critical mediated confrontations with ourselves.