Idealisme Almani [German idealism]

TitleGerman idealism
Author Ardebili, Mohammad Mehdi & Hosseini.Seyed Masoud
First published2020
Number of pages170

This book is a concise description and explanation of a very short but rich period in the history of Western philosophy, known as German idealism. Considering the scope of the subject, in order to scrutinize the topics, two revolutionary and fateful works of this philosophical movement, namely Kant’s Critique of pure reason and Hegel’s The phenomenology of spirit, have been elected as the outset and closing of the book. As a result, although we refer to other works, a continuous and coherent path has been taken, as much as possible, from Critique of pure reason to Phenomenology of spirit. We have also attempted to do justice to the opinions of the two philosophers who have been erroneously neglected and are quite influential in Hegel’s thought and the post-Hegelian history of philosophy, namely Fichte and Schelling.