Hegel: Az metafizik be padidarshenasi [Hegel: From Metaphysics to Phenomenology]

TitleHegel: From Metaphysics to Phenomenology
AuthorArdebili, Mohammad Mehdi
First published2014
Number of pages282

Back-cover blurb: What does “metaphysics” mean according to Hegel? Why did Hegel name one of his most concise and, at the same time, most neglected manuscripts during the Jena period “Metaphysics”? What is the relationship of this text to his most famous and influential work, phenomenology of spirit, which was written only two years after it? The present book attempts to answer these questions and, via them, on the one hand, seeks to explain Hegel’s Metaphysics and its relationship with Phenomenology and, on the other, to depict an outline of Hegel’s dialectics as well as, in general, Hegel’s philosophy.