Osule mobareze dar zamaneye nihilism [Principles of fighting in the age of nihilism].

TitlePrinciples of fighting in the age of nihilism
AuthorArdebili, Mohammad Mehdi
Year Published2022
Number of pages693

Even the most pessimistic skeptics of history could not dream of the extent to which crisis in the principles has escalated today. There is no defensible possibility in sight for exiting this nihilism, neither at the theoretical level nor at the civilizational level. The emergence of fuzzy and many-valued logics and radical relativism, along with similar theories in physics (from uncertainty principle onwards) and mathematics (from incompleteness theorems onwards), are further manifestations of this as well. On the other hand, the problem has not been limited to the level of epistemology at all. All the pillars of culture and civilization, from politics and morality to science and religion, are affected by this fundamental collapse, and their astute believers have realized that they have been building their houses on shaky ground. Nihilism’s acid carries such corrosion that it even corrodes and destroys any steel conceptual principle that is put before it. Accordingly, the primary problematic of the present work is exactly that in the age of complete dominance of nihilism, when all the epistemological, ontological, and axiological criteria and principles have collapsed and the astute human has found all the solid refuges of the past, including diverse religions, sciences, philosophies, and ideologies, to be unreliable, can one still hope for a meaningful and valuable life? In a word, the problem of this work is the possibility of hope in the age of absolute hopelessness: the hope for finding or even building a way to make the subject’s living meaningful and exiting nihilism and the dominant absolute meaninglessness. And in taking the first step in the age of dominance of meaninglessness and immense inevitable theoretical and practical doubts, isn’t the very fight against meaninglessness the most meaningful and justified step? This work, as a general list, is the first volume of a more extensive outline that tackles diverse aspects (from logic and epistemology to ontology and teleology, from axiology to beliefology, and finally, its moral and political consequences for the subject) of the possibility and manner of this fight: an all-out fight in the age of nihilism.

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