Agahi va xodagahi dar Padidarshenasie roohe Hegel [Consciousness and self-consciousness in Hegel’s phenomenology of spirit]

TitleConsciousness and self-consciousness in Hegel’s phenomenology of spirit
AuthorArdebili, Mohammad Mehdi
First published2011
Number of pages272

This book is an explanation and interpretation of the first two parts of the book phenomenology of spirit, that is, “consciousness” and “self-consciousness”. By referring to the text of the book itself, as well as numerous references to the interpretations published about this book, the author presents an outline, as coherent as possible, of the process of emergence of spirit from its first steps in the level of consciousness (Sense-certainty) to its last steps before entering the modern world (Unhappy consciousness). In addition to making use of the existing interpretations, the author repeatedly adopts a critical position towards them and attempts to offer his own interpretation based on the historical context and Hegel’s text.